• Convention / Ces Poupées Qui Disent
    2000, b/w photograph,
  • Las Vegas Ventriloquist Convention
    2001, b/w photograph,
  • The Inner Voice / Love
    with Willie Tyler (Los Angeles)
    2000, DV PAL,
    The American ventriloquist Willie Tyler was a star in US television in the 1960s. The ventriloquist and doll confirm one another.
  • The Inner Voice / Not Understand One Another
    with Wendy Morgan (London)
    2000, DV PAL,
    Dummy and ventriloquist speak past one another.
  • The Inner Voice / Praise And Blame
    with Jennifer Field (Chicago)
    2000, DV PAL,
    In the only video from the series with a child, dummy and ventriloquist heap praise upon one another, and within seconds get caught up in a fight.
  • You Are Bad
    with Ronn Lucas (Las Vegas)
    2000, DV PAL,
    The dummy explains to the ventriloquist that his character flaws leave him no reason to feel good.
  • Arbeiter Lehrer Unternehmer
    Worker Teacher Entrepreneur
    with Bodo Albertini
    DV PAL, 2.03 min
    Two individual gloves — an acid resistant glove and a skiing glove — and the actor personify teacher, businessman and worker. Borrowing Pierre Bourdieu's "Distincion", they list indicators of their lifestyle.
  • La Voix Intérieure / Travailler
    The Inner Voice / Work
    with Lise Maurais (Quebec)
    1998, DV PAL, 15.30 min
    Dummy and ventriloquist have a dialogue about wanting to work and not wanting to work.
  • La Voce Interna
    Performer: Pietro Ghislandi Concept and direction: Asta Gröting The Italian version of The Inner Voice was held at Milan’s Viafarini. Alternating with a dummy, ventriloquist Pietro Ghislandi reads from a newspaper that looks like Le Repubblica for two hours. Actually called La Voce Interna, the paper was produced especially for the exhibition and primarily contains responses to the question “Are you happy?,” which was taken from a series of interviews published each day in Berlin’s Tageszeitung in East and West Berlin.
  • The Inner Voice / Aging
    mit Tazuko Tanimoto (Tokio)
    DV PAL, 4.29 min
    A conversation considering advantages and disadvantages of aging.
  • Sisainen Ääni
    with Ari Lausanne (Helsinki)
    1995, Digi Beta, 15 min
    The Finnish translation of the first version DIE INNERE STIMME from 1993.
  • Die Innere Stimme / Remix
    The Inner Voice/ Remix
    with Pierre Bagée
    1993/2005, Digi Beta, 5 min
    The first video of the series "The Inner Voice" was made with the variety artist Pierre Bagée. A pleasant psychotic — the dummy — meets a crazed psychiatrist.